Forming Bonds that Last a Lifetime

Welcome to the Apache Tribe

Seminole Nation

About the Program

"An Indian Princess is a girl like me with a great Dad like mine"

The Indian Princess program is designed for dads and daughters to grow together spiritually and emotionally. Sponsored by the YMCA, it is the daughters version of the Indian Guides program established in the 1920's for dads and sons. The purpose of the Indian Princess Program is to help foster a bond and build the relationship between a father and his daughter(s). The program is open to girls ranging in ages from 5 to 14+yrs old and their dads. 

The YMCA is dedicated to providing opportunities for people to achieve their greatest and most satisfying potential as caring, responsible human beings. Y-Indian Guide Programs (Guides, Princesses, Maidens, and Braves) help fulfill this mission by:

• Fostering companionship and understanding between parent and child and setting a foundation for positive, lifelong relationships
• Building a sense of self-esteem and personal worth.
• Expanding awareness of spirit, mind and body.
• Providing the framework to meet a mutual need of spending enjoyable, constructive quality time together.
• Emphasize the vital role that parents play in the growth and development of their children.
• Offer an important and unique opportunity to develop and enjoy volunteer leadership skills. 

What do we do?

The program includes a variety of father and daughter activities, some family events, Tribal and Nations activities. The Seminole Nation follows a fairly regular schedule which includes some local and some overnight activities:

The two key Seminole Nation camping events of the year are the Spring and Fall camp-outs in April and October. These are exclusively for fathers and daughters and are packed with activities. These weekend campouts are held at full-featured camp grounds with cabins, lakes, dining and activity areas. The Fall Camp-out includes horseback riding and the spring camp-out includes our version of the Pinewood Derby. Both events include a skit from each tribe that is always a big hit with all the girls and dads. (See pictures and videos in our Media tab).

House Meetings: these generally include a craft activity and may also include planning and scheduling of Tribal Events, Nation Events or Community activities.

Day-Out activities: such as trips to local or state parks, an expedition to the Everglades or a canoe trip on the Loxahatchee River. Other events include; a day of fishing, overnight stays at Wild Country Safari or The Miami Seaquarium, behind-the scenes tours of local fire and police stations or local businesses.

Learning about giving back to the community by participating in community service activities “clean up a park or waterway”, fundraising for different community charity events and encouraging the participation in charitable organizations.

The Pledge

   We, dad and daughter,
   Through friendly service to each other,
   To our family, to our tribe, to our community,
   Seek a world pleasing to the eye of the Great Spirit.

Aims of the Program 

  • To love the sacred circle of my family.
  • To be clean in body and pure in heart.
  • To share understanding with my father/daughter.
  • To listen while others speak.
  • To love my neighbor as myself.
  • To seek and preserve the beauty of the Great Spirit's work in forest field and stream.